LAST UPDATE: May 6, 2012

NEW UPDATE: J W Productions and County Line Entertainment are working on other projects in the meantime. Even though Funding and locations are not available at the moment for the Friday Film to be made. The script contest is still open for those that want to put in a script and we dont have a date for it to be closed. We have recieved 9 full scripts and are reviewing them in the order recieved.


Our production sets that we had set up were the same locations that the F13 2009 Remake were filmed, Unfortunately, on September 4, 2011. Bastrop, Texas (Filming location town) was hit by a tragic wildfire that destroyed most of the shooting locations.. The wildfire was just under 35,000 Acres, destroyed over 1800 Homes and killed 2 people. So in the meantime, We are waiting for the town to recover enough to start filming.

Were are reviewing our scripts from the contest working on getting one chosen they are all really good so far.

We will keep everyone in the loop once more updates are available.